City Living (squared)

One of the greatest things about shooting film is the variety of cameras available. We mostly use35mm cameras for professional work, but for personal work, Robert's favorite camera by far is his Yashica twin lens reflex, which is a medium format camera that captures square images (the original Instagram). The cool thing about the twin lens reflex is that it has a waist level viewfinder, meaning you look down into it when shooting rather than hold it up to your face. This makes you a lot less conspicuous when shooting, which is awesome for capturing life as it is happening without making people self-conscious of the camera. Here are a few shots Robert has captured with his TLR around Atlanta.

Yashica_May_1-2 Yashica_May_1-13 Yashica_May_1-14 Yashica_May_1-15Yashica_July-1 Yashica_July-2 Yashica_July-5 Yashica_July-3 Yashica_July-4YashicaShot-22 YashicaShot-23 YashicaShot-20 YashicaShot-18 YashicaShot-19 YashicaShot-21

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